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Welcome to the BC SPCA Pet Search. Use the form fields below to find animals available for adoption at the BC SPCA. The database is updated daily so check back often! You can also login or create an account to save your searches & send yourself adoptable animal email alerts matching your search criteria. For more information about adoption, visit the BC SPCA web page www.spca.bc.ca/pet-care/adoption.

We hope you enjoy using the BC SPCA Pet Search.

How to search for adoptable animals

Select a Pet Type and then click the BC SPCA location in the list below to start searching for your new companion. Animals listed in the "Special Rescue (Provincial)" location are usually larger animals such as horses that have been involved in an investigation, and are now available for adoption. These animals could be located anywhere in the province.

To search for animals such as horses/cattle/goats/pigs, please select 'Farm Animal' as the type. Any available llamas or alpacas can be found in the 'Farm Animal - Exotic' category. All other fields in the form below are optional, but if you do use the 'Breed' option you must click the 'Find' link and enter or confirm the breed entered in order for the search to work correctly.

For the best search experience, we recommend using as few of the optional fields as possible, as the more data entered into the search criteria, the fewer results you will receive. If you want to simplify your search, use the Simple Search instead.

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