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Welcome to the BC SPCA Pet Search. Use the form fields below to search for animals that have been reported as lost. The database is updated daily so check back often!

You can also login or create an account to post a free listing of an animal that you have found, which you can return to and edit/remove at any time. After verification your found animal posting then becomes searchable and listed on this site (by default the found animal listings will stay up on this site for 30 days). *Your free found animal posting also includes the automatic generation of a "Found Animal" poster which you can use to print out and post in your neighbourhood!

  • For more information and tips about what to do if you have found an animal, visit the BC SPCA web page www.spca.bc.ca/found
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How to search for lost animals:

Select a Pet Type and and area to search for animals that have been reported as lost. If you don't enter an area to search then it will search for all animals reported as lost on this site.

You can enter a city by clicking 'Find' to select a city and then clear the postal code field, which will search all animals lost in that city no matter what the postal code. However, if you want to use the location search option within a certain number of kilometres, you must enter a complete postal code. You may wish to use the postal code search to widen your search, such as if you found the pet in Vancouver, but you also live near Burnaby.

If you want to refine your search further, use the Advanced Search instead, which gives you more options such as animal breeds. However, not everyone sees an animal the same way so we recommend that you keep your search as wide as possible and check back often!

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